STATUS:                            Full Time, 171-day Classified Position


REPORTS TO:                     T.A./Building Blocks Director


POSITION SUMMARY:     The Building Blocks aide relieves a T.A. lead Building Blocks teacher of various non-professional tasks and assists with other activities that are primarily non-instructional in nature.



  1. Assists teacher in management of student arrival and departure activities.
  2. Provides staff with clerical assistance such as typing, filing, duplicating, tuition recording, and organizing materials for distribution and recording information.
  3. Assists with personal needs of students.
  4. Supervises students during play periods, recess periods, lunch periods, and while moving from one place to another.
  5. Performs supportive tasks for the Building Blocks T.A. that are primarily non-instructional in nature.
  6. Assists individuals or small groups on practice, reinforcement or follow up activities assigned by the teacher.
  7. Performs other appropriate duties as assigned included but not limited to:
  8. Checking and preparing instructional supplies and materials.
  9. Assists in working classroom materials.
  10. Monitors students during practice activities.
  11. Supervises students during lunch periods.
  12. Files and organizes student work.
  13. Duplicate practice activities.
  14. Assist students with toileting.
  15. Assist with classroom record keeping.
  16. Other duties as assigned by Building Blocks Program Director.




  1. High School Diploma
  2. Demonstrated aptitude for the work to be performed